Company Volunteers

My name is Tikvah Ivri, M.A. I am the founder and manager of Grounding Innovations, LLC. I have a Bachelor of Theological Studies and a Master’s of Psychology. I completed just under 2 years of studies in a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology program. I am an Army Veteran and served from 2008 to 2017. My job function was a Chemical Equipment Repairer and Heavy Wheel Mechanic. Although I worked on Vehicles and various electrical equipment, I used the military to take advantage of their education and training programs. When not on duty, I used the Army education program to complete over 300 hours of training pertaining to sexual assault and harassment and prevention, risk management, leadership, drug and alcohol related addictions, suicide awareness and prevention, human trafficking intervention and prevention, psychological disorders as they pertain to military life and culture, including trauma-related disorders such traumatic brain injuries and trauma- and stress-related disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder. During my time in the Army Reserve I worked with homeless Veterans providing transition services, job development, skills building, and intervention services such as employment barrier assessments.

My name is Nate Albertson. I was drawn to software development early on and found an interest in mobile application development. Since 2011, I have been developing mobile applications for products in Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. While I have spent most of my career developing apps, I have also found a passion for Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality. I strive to find new challenges where I can apply my knowledge and expertise in ways that can help society. Although I am currently employed, I have been volunteering with Grounding Innovations, LLC since 2019. I am the company’s manager, board member and system developer.

My Name is Jasmine O’Campo. I served in the Army 22 years as a Combat Medic. After getting out of the Army I went back to school. I doubled majored in Art and Multimedia with an emphasis in motion graphics and visual effects. I am currently enrolled in a bachelor program at California Lutheran University. I love to oil paint and sculpturing. I enjoy reading comics, manga and watching anime. I volunteer with the company a couple hours a week creating the artwork and animations for the post traumatic stress intervention tool.