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Recently, I heard a story about a traveler who fell into a hole.

Once upon a time there was a man who traveled the countryside. One morning the traveler was distracted and fell into a deep hole. The hole was deep and very dark. Try as he may, the traveler could not climb out of the hole.

He shouted to a wealthy man who was walking by, “Can you help me? I’ve fallen into this hole and I can’t get out. Do you have a rope?” The man looked down into the hole and only pitied the traveler and threw him a coin.

The traveler shouted at business man, “Can you help me, I’ve fallen into this deep dark hold and I can’t get out.”

The business man shouted back, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I don’t have the time, I am late for my appointment.”

The man shouted to a family walking by, “Please, can you help me. I am stuck in this dark hole and I can’t get out. Do you have a rope or something I can use to climb out?”

The family looked down and said, “The poor soul. I am sorry, but we don’t have a rope. However, when we get to town we will find you some help.” The family left and never returned.

The man was desperate and cried aloud. Please God, send someone to help me! The hours passed and no one came. “Perhaps,” he thought, “the hole is too deep and too dark that even God cannot hear me or see me.” The man felt a wave of despair fall over him and he wept alone in the darkness.

With what little hope he had left, he cried out one last time to a servant passing by, “Please, can you help me? I fell into this deep dark hole and I can’t get out.”

The servant shouted back, “Of course! Hold on a minute and I will be right there.” The servant jumped into the hole with the man.

The man looked confused. “What are you doing? Are you so stupid that you would jump into the hole with me? Now there are two people stuck in this deep dark hole!”

The servant laughed. “Do not fret. I was in this hole before. I know how to get out and will show you the way.”

~ Author Unknown.

~ Our difficulties are opportunities to help others.