“The present and broken self not the end, but the beginning of a journey to build a new self-not out of the constructs of the past, but out of the hope-filled future where infinite possibilities exist.”

Our Mission

Grounding Innovations is a non-profit organization revolutionizing the way we engage, intervene and help individuals suffering from acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorders. We developed and patented a system that will transform the way we engage individuals with trauma- and stressor related disorders. We are not a treatment center but an organization that helps bridge the gap between trauma- and stressor-related symptoms and mental health.

Posttraumatic Stress and Acute Stress are psychological conditions that significantly impair a person’s daily functioning. Individuals who display chronic symptoms may experience restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, inability to focus and complete tasks, and poor mood and frequent mood changes such as anger, depression, helplessness, thoughts of suicide, low self-esteem irritability, behavioral changes such as angry outbursts and aggression, addictive behavior such as alcohol or pain medication consumption to manage posttraumatic symptoms. If untreated, these behaviors can lead to poor personal and interpersonal relationships, reduced productivity, poor employment performance, job loss, financial instability, homeless and even suicide.

Posttraumatic stress is not just a veteran problem, a soldier problem, or a problem resulting from war. Posttraumatic stress is a human problem that can affect all people from all walks of life.

We understand the complexity of the disorder and the growing need for practical tools to help individuals cope, manage symptoms, and seek mental health services. We also believe those in our communities with the greatest need can’t afford high dollar treatments. Therefore, our goal is not only providing a free and safe intervention tool to help individuals during a posttraumatic episode but provide a system that will help build necessary coping skills and connect them to low-cost or no-cost mental health resources.  

Grounding Innovations, LLC developed and patented a tool using seven principles:

Customization and adaptive intervention: We believe those hardest to reach are those out of reach. Therefore, we developed and patented a system to engage and provide on-the-spot intervention through customized device activation and activities depending on symptom severity.

Immediate Availability: When activated the Trauma Medivice (PTID) meet the User in their current state of being anytime and anyplace and with or without Wi-Fi access.

Proactive Engagement: We expect individuals who use our system to have moderate-to-severe symptoms and have a limited ability to perform activities. Therefore, the tool proactively engages and gradually and systematically reduces symptoms.

Progressive Activities: The Trauma Medivice (PTSID) provides activities that gradually integrate the User’s active involvement. The system guides and directs Users through specific activities meant to bring individuals from acute anxiety, fight, flight and dissociative states to thoughtful, engaged, and calmer states of being.

Stress Response Reduction: The system gradually guides users out of the past trauma-induced survival and reintegrates them into the present moment with greater self-control.

Provide a Lifeline: It is critical to provide a lifeline to users during and after a posttraumatic stress or acute stress episode. Therefore, Grounding Innovations seeks to collect helpful resources such as low-cost/no-cost treatment, counseling, and supportive services.

Evolution: It is critical to continue to develop our product and grow our resource base to maintain relevancy reach individuals from all walks of life.

At Grounding Innovations we believe that to heal a person we must reach them where they are. Our mission is to bring hope to the hopeless and be a light to those in darkness.